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recycle Welcome to CC Cash! It’s Free! It’s Easy! It’s CC Cash — the Ultimate Recycling Fundraising Program:
school fund raiser Looking for a FREE fund raising idea for your church, booster club or school? Then try CC Cash!

Help the environment and raise money the easy way! Why sell stuff people don't want when you can recycle instead! Stop selling and start collecting!

CC Cash is an EASY fund raiser! Collect and recycle cell phones, toner cartridges, inkjets, laptops, iPods and MP3 players, GPS devices, video games, game systems and digital cameras. CC Cash helps all types of nonprofit organizations run successful, ongoing and EASY fund raisers.

And, the best part? CC Cash pays top dollar!

There's no contract and no obligation. Please tour our website to learn more or contact us now!

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> Receive FREE recycling and promotion materials

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CC Cash materials

> Spread the word to friends, family and businesses

> Collect printer cartridges, used cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, GPS devices, video games, game systems & digital cameras.

> Ship your collected items for FREE to CC Cash and get paid top dollar!

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toner cartridges recycling fundraiser

recycling fundraiserHELP OUR PLANET

Did you know that improper disposal of e-waste harms the planet? Now you can do something about it! toner cartridges

recycling fundraiserLEARN HOW MUCH YOU CAN EARN!

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