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Did you know that improper disposal of cell phones, printer cartridges and other non-biodegradable items harms the planet. Now you can do something about it!

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Tips, ideas and resources to help you increase your profits.

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toner cartridge recycling


Contact us today to request your FREE collection boxes, support materials and supplies.

Call the toll-free CC Cash Hotline at 866 416-9319. Or click here to sign-up online.

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Contact us toll-free at 866 416-9319 or by email at

recyclePeople all around you have empty printer cartridges. Many have used fax, copier and multi-functional peripheral (all-in-one) cartridges, cell phones, ipods and MP3s, digital cameras, old laptops, GPS devices, game systems and even unwanted video games and DVDs, too. Instead of overloading our landfills, you can recycle ALL all these types of items and turn it into cash. It's free. It's easy. It's CC Cash!

About CC Cash

CC Cash is committed to helping groups like schools, churches, synagogues, athletic teams, scouts and civic organizations run successful, eco-friendly recycling fundraisers.

CC Cash is an industry leading recycler of cell phones and printer cartridges for inkjet, laser, fax, copier and multi-functional peripherals (all-in-ones). And now, we also recycle ipods and MP3s, digital cameras, old laptops, GPS devices, game systems and even unwanted video games and DVDs!

Our mission is to provide easy fund raisers and to help preserve the environment by reducing the amount of non-biodegradable waste in our landfills.

Four Excellent Reasons to Choose CC Cash...

  1. CC Cash guarantees top dollar*
  2. CC Cash is easy! There's nothing to sell. Simply collect recyclable items which appear on our buy-back lists. There's NO need to sort.
  3. CC Cash is FREE! There is no cost to participate and nothing to buy. You get FREE fundraising posters, collection boxes and materials -- everything you need to run successful, ongoing recycling fundraising programs.
  4. CC Cash is good for the environment! CC Cash is the environmentally conscious way to raise money for your organization or nonprofit group!

The CC Cash Program is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. easy fund raisersSimply collect any and all of the following items that appear on our buy-back lists:
    • Empty Virgin Printer Cartridges (laser, inkjet, fax, copier and multi-functional peripherals)
    • Inactive Cell Phones and PDAs
    • Laptop Computers
    • iPods and MP3 Players
    • Digital Cameras
    • GPS Devices
    • Game Systems
    • Video Games
    • DVDs

  2. Ship them to CC Cash for free*

  3. Get paid top dollar!

easy fund raisers1. Collect it!

When you sign up, CC Cash will send you a FREE Starter Kit. The kit includes collection boxes, posters and supplies that will help you run a successful recycling fundraiser. You will also be able to download and customize flyers and letters, which can be posted, sent or handed out to your supporters.

2. Ship it!

CC Cash collection boxes have pre-paid return shipping labels affixed to them. When your collection box is full:

  • Fill out the Collection Return Form with the name of your organization, address and phone number, so we know who to pay, and place a copy in each box to be shipped.

  • Place newspaper or other lightweight filler on the top of the contents. This will help prevent contents from shifting.

  • You will also receive additional pre-paid return shipping labels for larger items such as toner cartridges for laser printers, fax machines, copiers and multi-functional peripherals (all-in-ones), laptops or game systems, which you can send in any box you choose. Just wrap the contents well so they do not get damaged during shipping. Click here for shipping instructions.

  • Drop off your collection boxes at your nearest UPS store. For larger shipments, please contact CC Cash at 866-416-9319 to discuss special arrangements.

3. Get paid!

CC Cash guarantees the most money for your items. CC Cash will sort, inspect and classify each shipment, then issue a check to your organization within 30 business days* after your collection is inspected.

Try CC Cash today! There's no contract, no quota and no obligation!

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