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Did you know that improper disposal of cell phones, printer cartridges and other non-biodegradable items harms the planet. Now you can do something about it!


Tips, ideas and resources to help you increase your profits.

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Call the toll-free CC Cash Hotline at 866 416-9319. Or click here to sign-up online.


Contact us toll-free at 866 416-9319 or by email at

Some cell phones, printer cartridges, laptops, digital cameras, GPS devices -- and other items we recycle -- are worth more than others, as brands and models vary in value.

"I have been recycling ink cartridges for five years with another company. After doing some research on the Internet I found that CC Cash pays a considerable amount more for my cartridges. We get about 50-100 cartridges a month and I love using CC Cash instead of the other guy. Thanks."

– Kevin

"You are the best in recycling programs for groups like ours!"

– Julie

The more you promote your recycling efforts, the better your return.

CC Cash will pay your organization the value of your items based on the CC Cash buy-back price lists on the day your items are received at the CC Cash Recycling Center.

Some items have no value at all, and should be disposed of properly at your local e-waste recycling center. Read our FAQ page for more information.

Visit the CC Cash site often to get our latest, most up-to-date buy-back lists of qualifying items.

CC Cash provides free, customizable posters, flyers and letters to help make your recycling fundraisier a success. Download your FREE CC Cash marketing materials here.

Here are more ways to make your CC CASH recycling efforts successful:

  1. Ask your family, friends, neighbors and local businesses to donate their used and undamaged items
  2. Advertise and promote your drop-off sites
  3. Let people know why you are raising funds such as a cause, class trip or a local charity
  4. Tell everyone about your recycling fundraiser at school functions, sporting events, pep rallies and assemblies
  5. Post notices on Twitter, Facebook and in the wanted sections of your local and Craigslist sites
  6. Bring fliers to your local Chamber of Commerce and local public library; ask area businesses to post your flyer
  7. Have a party or contest to design collection boxes
  8. Ask your school district to donate items for your organization
  9. Ask for free public service announcements on local cable TV and radio stations, if available
  10. Make announcements and hand out flyers at meetings, community events and other gatherings
  11. Hang a banner in a highly visible location (make sure you ask permission!)
  12. Have students create a bulletin board using CC CASH posters and fliers; add a sheet about waste and recycling statistics
  13. Offer incentives for achieving collection goals: ice cream, pizza party, iTunes gift cards, etc.
  14. Teachers: incorporate printer cartridge and electronics recycling into an environmental lesson plan; have students discuss the importance of recycling with their parents as an assignment
  15. Make announcements over the PA system in your school
  16. Combine with other recycling efforts at a community "Recycling Day"
  17. Start a recycling club in your school
  18. Have a kickoff party where people bring recyclables; serve light refreshments and provide information about the ‘cause’ for which you’re collecting

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