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Did you know that improper disposal of cell phones, printer cartridges and other non-biodegradable items harms the planet. Now you can do something about it!


Tips, ideas and resources to help you increase your profits.

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We've collected helpful latest e-waste recycling news, links and some handy tips to help you in your fundraising collection efforts.


November 2011:

Celebrate America Recycles Day and make the most from your CC CASH recycling fundraiser! Maximize your opportunities by participating in America Recycles Day on November 15th and implement fundraising tips throughout the year…

  1. Use our FREE promotion materials . Here you will find SAMPLE letters, announcements and flyers that you can customize for your organization.
  2. Make sure you mention and promote your fundraiser on your website, newsletter, and Facebook page! We’ve created a SAMPLE HTML page that you can download and customize as well as SAMPLE announcements you can use.
  3. Send an email to your friends and family telling them about your fundraiser. Use the SAMPLE email to get started!
  4. Ask your local religious school, church or synagogue to place a notice in their weekly bulletin or newsletter.
  5. Look for local businesses that can donate recyclables on a regular basis. Added bonus to donors: If your organization has a 501(c) 3 designation from the IRS (please check with your accountant) as these donations might be a TAX-DEDUCTABLE write-off. If so, then let donors know!
  6. Hold different types of recycling drives at specific times throughout the year. EXAMPLE: Hold a cell phone recycling drive in the fall; an eWaste drive (laptops/MP3s/ipads/digital cameras/GPS devises) in the winter right after the holidays; and a printer cartridge drive in the spring or end of the school year.
Remember, higher visibility means higher response — and higher earnings!

October 2011:
In order to keep our buy-back pricing at the highest level possible, CC Cash is implementing the following policy effective October 1, 2011: All shipments must contain at least 20 qualifying items. This can include a combination of ANY of the items on our buy-back lists. As long as your shipment adds up to 20 items or more, you're good!

Summer 2011:
Besides used printer cartridges and cell phones, CC Cash now accepts the following e-waste:
laptops, iPods and MP3 players, GPS devices, video games, game systems, DVDs and digital cameras.

Spring of 2010:
CC Cash assists over 2,000 non profit locations in their fundraising needs.

September 30, 2006:
CC Cash participates in the 2006 Waterfall Festival in Newington, CT.



List your cell phone collection box sites with the This will let everyone in your community know where to donate cell phones.

Make sure you receive the MAXIMUM VALUE for your collection by keeping ink cartridges separate from your other items like cell phones, because ink cartridges have a tendency to leak. The ink can transfer onto cell phones and other electronics if you place ink cartridges in the same box. If you do, then this can render cell phones and other items invaluable.

When you're ready to ship your collection, add newspaper or other lightweight material to fill the box so contents won't shift during shipping.

Here's the difference between 'virgin' and 'non-virgin' toners: virgins are empty inkjet and toner cartridges that have NEVER been refilled, whereas non-virgin are empty inkjet and toner cartridges that have been previously refilled.

Have multiple toner cartridges in their own boxes? Tape up to 10 boxes together to create ONE shipment! IMPORTANT: DO NOT use a shipping label for each single-cartridge box. This helps keep our buy-back prices to you high!

More tips to come...

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