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Did you know that improper disposal of cell phones, printer cartridges and other non-biodegradable items harms the planet. Now you can do something about it!


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Contact us toll-free at 866 416-9319 or by email at

CC Cash will pay your organization the value of your items based on the buy-back redemption list on the day your items are received at the CC Cash Recycling Center. Please note: Some items have no value at all, and should be disposed of properly at your local e-waste recycling center. Read our FAQ page for more information.

Cell Phone
Price List

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Price List

About price changes and qualifying items

Prices are subject to change, so check often for the latest, up-to-date price lists.

Certain e-waste items that are in demand get resold and remanufactured, which help eliminate over-stuffed landfills. CC Cash can only accept those in-demand items that are on our lists. Even though some items may fall off our lists as that demand decreases, many NEW items are also added as demand for them increases. And, new items often have more value, which means more money for your group! As much as we would love to pay you for everything, that's why CC Cash cannot redeem every single cartridge or item from your organization.

In order to keep our buy-back pricing at the highest level possible, CC Cash is implementing the following policy effective October 1, 2011: All shipments must contain at least 20 qualifying items. This can include a combination of ANY of the items on our buy-back lists. As long as your shipment adds up to 20 items or more, you're good!

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