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On this page, the CC Cash team features the top CC Cash recycling organizations. We'll post photos and information about your group. Next time it could be you!

Kawanis Club,
Brookyln, Michigan

Perhaps like many people, when Julie Watrous initially joined Kiwanis in 2004, she wasn’t sure what they were all about. Julie’s involvement originally began by sending gift to troops. Since that time her contributions have only increased.

"CC Cash is the best on the net and the best at sending payment.”
-- Julie Watrous

In four short months Julie has been able to raise over $1,200 for her program alone. 100% of the funds she receives from the CC Cash recycling fundraiser benefit her program. The money is used to assemble kits to send to US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since 2004, between 1500 and 2000 of these packages have been sent overseas. Kits contain reminders and essentials from home and typically include hygiene products, food, beanie babies to give to the children overseas, and magazines. Perhaps the most touching portion of these kits, the personalize letters, have no dollar value. Family and local community members write these letters to share their support with our troops overseas.

Club members prepare troop kits for distribution

The local Brooklyn, Michigan chapter of Kawanis was originally established in 1997 and has now grown to 35 members. As a nonprofit, the main goal of this organization is to serve the children of the world. This is done through four distinct community action groups:

  • Priory 1 aids children under the age of 5;
  • Youth services focuses on working with children up to the age of 18;
  • The Human and Spiritual program; and finally
  • The Solider Project and Community Services program

The Soldier Project has become Julie’s main commitment to Kiwanis and is what has brought her to the CC Cash Recycling Fundraising program.

“CC Cash is really good because in economic times like this it’s hard to ask people for money.” Says Julie, Chairperson of the Solider Project. “So, we ask for their trash.”

The majority of cartridges donated for Julie’s fundraiser are received from local businesses. As part of the recycling program, CC Cash provides collection boxes and promotional materials free of charge. Julie has found that working with such large company she is able to receive a higher return with less collection materials—and more importantly—in less time.

Since Kiwanis is a large national nonprofit, this recycling fundraiser is only a portion of how they generate income to maintain their programs. When discussing the recycling program, Julie precisely summed up her reasons for working with CC Cash, “It’s the best on the net and the best at sending payment.”

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